As The Wood Turnz

Don Rogers, 919-673-7118

Custom, handcrafted pens, bottle stoppers, pigtails, & more

Custom made...just for you!

As The Wood Turnz is focused on providing high-quality, custom crafted items made from quality wood and acrylics. Special orders can be made from your wood if you have pieces that have family historical value or special meaning. Let me help you create family heirlooms. Each item is unique because the wood grain is always different for each item. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. With several styles of pens, pencils, pigtails, bowls, ornaments, and more.Purchase via cash, check, or credit card at time of delivery or via phone. Give me a call (919-673-7118) or use the "Contact As The Wood Turnz" page.

Look around the website for other pens, bottle stoppers, napkin rings, bowls, bracelets, keepsakes, pig tails, or grinders and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact me. Learn more about me and my retirement business by viewing this video produced by SAS Institute earlier this year. Veteran owned and operated.

NEW: Catalog for As The Wood Turnz

NEW: Candle Stands/holders made to order

NEW: Pigtails for the professional and backyard griller

NEW: Harley-Davidson custom pens

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